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Fairy tales?

What can I say?  Do fairy tales come true?  It has been almost a year since I have been with Master.  Life has been nothing short of amazing.  I am so much in love with him.  I can’t believe how time has flown by.  So do fairy tales come true?  My knight in shining armor did not arrive on a white beautifully decorated horse with him dressed in white.  My knight in shining armor wore all black clothing with a black leather vest and boots, and was driving a black Mercedes Benz.  He captured my love, my heart and soul.  I have made him very happy and he tells me he loves me every day.  We will spend the rest of our lives together.  Dreams do come true, and yes fairy tales do come true.

Daily reflections

It is such a beautiful day.  Had a blast last night.  Life is AMAZING!  🌞

Daily reflections – My journal

I had planned on closing this journal and had every intention to.  But I have put so many of my thoughts here.  I gave it time to see if that is what I really wanted to do .  Over time I have been able to be myself here and I have had so much support and guidance along the way and even made some friendships here.  I think I will keep it. 

These past three months my life has gone through so many changes.  I have never been so happy for so long And never this happy .  My life is just amazing.

Yesterday was a huge milestone for me and I want to share my happiness.  Yesterday Master and I had a collaring ceremony.  He collared me in front of 50 of our closest friends.  Then we played for a while on the spanking bench then he put me on the. Sybian for a while.  It was great!  He wanted to make sure I was very well taken care of before the next part of our ceremony.  A ring that will never be removed and to also indicate his ownership of me.  He had my hood pierced with 50 people watching .  Talk about intense!  I tried to be brave but when that needle went in me I let out a scream.  But it was done soon enough and when the ring was finally in place the Dom that pierced me said “congratulations you are now a real slave.”  Then people all around me chanted “one of us, one of us.”  Then clapping.  After all that we broke through another one of my hard limits fire flash play.  Master was so proud of me. He was so happy .  Before we went to sleep he told me he loved me and said “you were amazing tonight.”  I love him so much.   Today I was exhausted .  We just relaxed all day.

Daily Reflections My last post

This is my last post on wordpress under the name sparkles.  It has been great being here i have made many friends even though i have never met most of you personally.  My journey is moving on.  i am moving into a 24/7 Master slave relationship.  It has been great knowing all of you over this time,  i feel i have gotten to know many of you.  Thank you for all of your moral support that you have given me over the last few years, i have appreciated each and every one of you.  i am only going to leave my site open here for a couple of days then i will be closing it. xo

Daily Reflections – Life gets so busy sometimes

I have not had a chance to write in this blog or my business one here in a while.  i have been so busy with my businesses, and my daily life in general.  i have however, taken time out for some friends and also made some new ones.  i have had some first, i didn’t know i had any first left but i guess throughout life there is always a first for something!  🙂  i was invited to my first munch by a friend.  As i walked up the stairs to enter the munch, i reached the top and entered the room and closed the door behind me.  i wasn’t scared, i wasn’t nervous, or apprehensive.  I am so surprised at how comfortable i was walking in there, no turning back for me.  I felt very welcome and the people there were all so very nice. People walked up to me as i walked into the room said hello, shook my hand and welcomed me in.  I felt very at home and at ease.  When it was my turn to introduce myself i stood up and spoke with confidence and ease.  There was even interaction at that time with conversation back and forth while i was still standing, and i was so relaxed.  This all came so natural for me.  i don’t know why. i am usually nervous when entering somewhere meeting new people, but no nerves. The food was delicious, there was interesting conversation.   I was happy to be there.  They are my kind, lol.  Yesterday for the first time i typed in the name in the URL of my laptop and joined.  i don’t know what i am going to do there, but it is a start. i didn’t complete my entire profile, because i am not sure what i am doing.  But, i am there.   Baby steps.

Daily Reflections – today’s pics

You know me so well Sir.  You have to admit though i could pull off that domme type outfit with my little whip.  i can;t wait to see the pics you send to me that i asked you for.  Or wait, i think i actually didn’t ask, i demanded, lol.  i swear Sir, i am not a monster, lol.  But if you want me to fill the role Sir it pleases me to please you.  What is your pleasure Sir?  We could take turns, lol. i can be very talented, if i want to i could be controlling, powerful, demanding, making you surrender to me.  Or i can be very submissive catering to your every whim, your every wish and desire,  giving you complete and total control of me to you completely.   Tell me what your pleasure is Sir.  You know i am sitting here smiling.  🙂

Daily Reflections – Switching Roles?

That was a very interesting couple of links you sent me to tonight Sir.  i couldn’t get past the links without joining and something went wrong somewhere but i will figure that out when i have time tomorrow.  Hmmm, me Domming you Sir?  Oh but this could be so much fun.  i  feel that i can easily slip into this role.  Are you ready?  You might never look back,  My pleasure will be your pleasure sweetheart.   lol.    i just reminded you of your punishment fulfillment a few minutes ago. Check your email sir.   i expect it will be done within a decent time frame.  Don’t keep your Lady waiting too long sweetheart. Sleep well, you will need your rest. As my sub, if that is your wish dear sir, you will have assignments to do.  Don’t worry, i will still keep my promise that i made to you .  You can still give me that spanking i earned and i will still fulfill my promise of what i said i would do for you when i see you that first night again.  Then we will get down to reversing roles.. xo  And if by chance you are not happy being dommed, we can always switch back sir.  i can be very flexible (oooh yes, pun was intended).  🙂 .  Let the fun begin!  xoxoxoxoxo

Daily Reflections – Dancing

Last night i was in a belly dance show, and had so much fun.  Today i had a great day participating in a world wide event.  i had two performances with a bunch of other ladies in belly dance.  We had a blast!  It was outside and the weather was perfect.  It went so well.  i am so happy i was invited to join in and have a part in this event.   It will be something i always remember.  It was for a very good cause and i love dancing with my friends.

Daily Reflections – Switch for one night?

i have three pairs of boots.  i love my boots.  Three pairs and they are three different styles.  This winter barely got cold, so i didn’t get a chance to wear them.  It was just too hot.  i have my ankle boots.  They go great with my tight jeans.  Whether the legs are boot cut or flare it doesn’t matter, either way they look good.  Then i have my up to the bottom of the knee boot with a thicker high heel.  Those are great for jeans and a cute top, button down or pull over.  Or a longer skirt that gathers and has lace.  The third pair of boots are my black leather, five inch heel, thigh high boots with leather lace going all the way up the back.  Those boots are incredibly sexy and hot.  i love love love those boots.  They make me feel so sexy when i wear them. They go great with my black corset, and short black skirt, or my black corset and a tiny pair of black lace panties, lol.  Now that i am thinking about it, they could look like hooker boots, or Domme boots.  Which gives me an idea Sir.  giggling now.  🙂  How about this:  i know the next time i see you there is some business to take care of for the crime i have committed of pissing you off that one day.  So i know that first night we will be taking care of business.  i am getting that spanking, i know i have that coming and i also know i do deserve it., and i owe you something that will be fourty five minutes or however long you wish as promised, i always keep my promises Sir.  But the next night i would like to do something different.  Can we switch for a night?  How about that second night for the first time i will Domme you?  i will dress in my black leather and heels boots, with oh i don’t know i will surprise you.  Since i will be being the Domme that night i will choose my clothes for a change. Domming you,  i think that sounds like fun.  This is what i see could happen.  i will tell You what to wear.  🙂  i want you to wear a pair of silky boxers, they have to pass the touch test.  They have to feel good to touch.  And i know you hate ties, so i want you to wear a blue silky tie.  It must be blue and it must be silky soft to touch.  Don’t worry, you won’t be wearing it long on your neck, lol.  You will be wearing it though.  i haven’t decided.  On your wrist when i tie you up?  As a blindfold?  So just the boxers and the tie Sir.  i will bring the fun stuff.  rope?  handcuffs (definitely). Maybe some other stuff.   Be prepared to receive a spanking or two.  i will have my way with you.This could be so much fun, i think you will like it. i think i may like it.   i will be the boss, you can take the night off as boss.  🙂  You know i am sitting here with a big smile as i type this.  So what do you say?  Wanna play switch for one night when we see each other on the second night of course?

Daily Reflections – i want you

This is the second time this week i have written in my journal a huge paragraph only to delete everything i just said,  Say what i had to say then hit the back button all the way back to erase it all.

We are both so busy with work and life in general

i miss your voice, i miss your kiss, i miss your touch,

i miss your fun flirty ways, your compliments, the way you look at me.

i miss you.

i tried to flirt,  i talked dirty, sent shameful text

i knew you were working, i wanted to put a smile on your face.

i love your smile.

i know you are Master and  i am the submissive, but i want to cuff you to my bed, blindfold you

pull your boxers down with my teeth, then tie you spread eagle,

i want to feel your naked skin against my naked skin,

i want do wild, shameless, very very naughty things to you while you lie there helpless to me.

i want you. i desire you.  i need you. you will need me.

i miss you.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Daily Reflections

i was going to write in here tonight, but i have nothing interesting to say.  Guess i will continue to read Blow him away how to give him mind blowing oral sex by Marcy Michaels, Marie Dasalle it may help me smile, and maybe just maybe i can start that book report.  Actually that is interesting.

Daily Reflections

When going on my trip i was told to be at the airport two hours early.  i can understand this, because when you arrive there is so much to do.  Printing up my boarding pass the day before was a help so i didn’t have to do that.  It still takes time to check your bags in and go through security, then find your gate where you will wait for and board the plane.  i haven’t had experience in this so it was all new to me.  The last time i flew before this month was thirty one years ago, times have drastically changed.  The first airport went fairly smooth for me with the exception that i wore my submissive necklace that has a lock on it.  i went through the x-ray machine then i was told to wait for a female security, because they saw something on the monitor and i would have to be patted down.  i saw where the X was on the monitor and i could clearly tell it was my necklace and anyone who had any common sense could also see that but no.  i waited and kept an eye on my purse and carry on that was on the conveyor belt as people that were behind me were being passed through and getting their belongings.  The female security officer came and proceeded to pat down my bra area.  i told her look at the picture and you can see it is my necklace.  “Oh okay  Go ahead.”  Then i gathered my belonging and went to wait for my plane.  All in all security went pretty quickly considering i was sent to the express lane.   i had a short layover that was about ten minutes at the next airport and was on my way to my destination.  When i arrived at my destination it was a very large airport and i got lost, i wandered around for a little while.  i had to make a phone call and the person that was picking me up found my luggage for me and then guided me to where she was.

When i left after two great weeks in Las Vegas,  i was dropped off at the airport.  i was by myself.  All of the employees at the McCarren International Airport were friendly and were very helpful and i had no problems checking in my baggage.  The security officers were kind and respectful and everything went very smooth.  In no time i was through security and ready to board the plane.

After a few hours in the sky, it was time for a layover at Kansas City, MO airport.  I never ever want to have a layover there again.  All i could think of as i was getting off the plane was finding a restroom as soon as possible.  All the other airports i had been too once you are through security and you land at your next destination for a lay over you can go to the restroom and not have to go through security again.  i got off the plane and immediately went to find a rest room which was just outside  where i walked in.  i walked past the security officer straight to the bathroom across the hall.  He looked right at me as i walked through.  Within two minutes i was out of there.  i headed back because i had to catch my next plane.  i was stopped by the security officer.  He told me i was not allowed in there.  i showed him my boarding pass and politely let him know i just had to use the restroom and i needed to catch my plane.  He stood there with his arms crossed blocking the way and told me that i could not go back in .  Once i leave the area i have to go through security.  i informed him that he just watched me come off the plane, i really had to use the restroom and if i had to go through security i might miss my plane.  He still stood there arms crossed, legs open at attention and told me i needed to go to security again.  i was so frustrated, i am not a criminal and i hate getting lost in airports.  i get lost so easy too.  So now i was frustrated and upset.  i asked him where i would find security.  He pointed to the right and said just follow the path you will see the ropes. He said “You better start walking”.   At this point i couldn’t believe he was making me do this and i muttered ” What an asshole.”  i know he heard me.  Then i walked and walked and started to think i would never find it then off in the distance i saw the roped off area.  There i had to dig out my ID and show my boarding pass, then the real fun began.  All this because i had to use the restroom.  i entered the security area.  There was a conveyor belt and security officers.  The security officer at the conveyor belt said to take off my sweater, take of my shoes, i was wearing sandals, obviously would not be hiding anything in sandals but fine i humored him. i had to take my watch off.  Then i put my carry on bag on the conveyor belt and my purse in a tote.  Then he announced if i had any electronic equipment such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc. to take them out of the carry on and put them in the totes provided.  i was trying to save time because i was worried i would miss my plane.  i quickly opened my carry on suit case removed my laptop, my clothes steamer, then out of my purse took out my tablet and my phone and placed them all in a tote, they all fit in one.  He started yelling at me to put all my electronics in a tote.  i didn’t get it.  i had all my electronics in a tote.  All i am thinking at this point is what is his problem..  He kept yelling and i have to say when someone is yelling and shouting, and i am frustrated and upset i naturally tune them out.  Completely.  He wouldn’t let my tote go through with my electronics and kept yelling something and i finally said “i don’t understand what you want”.  This didn’t help.  He got louder, then i realized he wanted each individual in a tote by itself.  Fine, i put each item in its own tote and put my purse in a tote open i wasn’t going to empty that, i had personal items in there i didn’t want everyone to see that was standing in line.  Then right before i got in the x-ray machine he says “Did you empty your pockets?”  i said “i don’t have any pockets.”  He says “looks like you were saved there.”   i stepped in the x-ray machine.  This time i was not wearing any jewelry except a small bracelet.  Now i am standing there in a tank top and very tight leggings, barefoot and i was stopped after going in the machine by a female officer who made me raise my arms and ask me a stupid question.  Something regarding what do you have under there, pointing to my shirt area.  Ummm, ME, i had had quite enough and was feeling so frustrated at this point,  i was about to remove my shirt and ask if she would like a closer look.  But i refrained.  i began to gather my belongings which involved getting my belongings out of the totes and proceeded to look for my purse that had been separated from all my other things and it finally showed up.  They must have searched through it because when i put it on the belt all of my things were together in order.  i put my sweater and shoes on.  After all this i went to look for my gate to catch my plane and i could not believe it, but i guess with all the excitement i had to use the restroom again!  i decided i better hold it.  i found my gate and waited for my plane.  As i sat there i realized i had about a little over a half hour or so and i remembered passing a starbucks in the area. It was fairly close to where i was sitting.    i got a cafe mocha, something i am very familiar with, then went right back to the gate and sat down.  As i sipped on my cafe mocha i thought of Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz.  My next thought was what a horrible airport this was, the next time i fly anywhere i will make sure my lay over does not go to this airport in Kansas, MO and i pondered.  “if i click my heels three times, i wonder if i would get home now?”  i was obviously wearing the wrong shoes, it didn’t work.  i should have worn some red sparkly heels with bows like the shoes worn by Dorothy (Judy Garland) .

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

My flight out had a short delay, but once i got on that plane and it was in the air and they turned off the fasten your  seat belt sign, i was finally able to use the restroom without worrying about missing my plane, i was on the plane, and it was headed home.

 Sunset taken from plane.

Sunset taken from plane.

Daily Reflections – Two weeks of fun

i had the best vacation.  i spent two weeks in Las Vegas with a relative that i have not seen in a very long time.  We have made so many memories.  We were able to sit and talk about so many things of the past, present and future.  We compared our childhoods, our marriages, our lives.  The shows she took me to were absolutely amazing.  i had so many new experiences from being on a airplane, getting lost in an airport  🙂 , shows on the Vegas Strip include popular singers, rock bands, the famous Chippendales, beautiful hotel gardens, casinos everywhere and shopping galore.  Of course, i learned how to play Keno, and everywhere we went to eat there was always way more than enough food and drinks.

The weather and scenery in Nevada was absolutely beautiful.  The air was drier and lighter.  So many mountains, no matter which direction i looked in because we were in the valley, therefore surrounded by mountains. i took so many pictures.   Funny how i had to go on vacation and leave a very tropical state to practically the other side of the country to lay out by pool and get a sunburn.   i left here looking pale, and came back with a tan.  It took me to travel 3000 miles to get me out of my office and get a tan.

The relative i went to see was my sister.   i could never thank my sister enough.  She invited me to visit her, stay at her house,  paid for my plane fare to and from, treated me to so many events, fed me, chauffeured me, and introduced me to so many of her friends.  We made up for so many years of lost time.    Before i left she gave me a lesson on how to pack, lol.  i have never had to pack to go anywhere, i took half my closet with me.  🙂  .

This was my first vacation in over three decades and i feel great.  Next time i won’t wait so long to take a break and go on vacation.

My next write will be about the airport security, lol, and the airport i will avoid next time.

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Daily Reflections

i have not written in my journal lately, i am on vacation and busier than ever.  Having a great time in Las Vegas!!! i love it here.  It is so beautiful.  i am in the valley surrounded by mountains.  i am in awe.

Daily Reflections

It has been a long day today!  A rainy day too,  i had a slow start, but i made it to the gym early afternoon. and worked out.  i have been trying to increase the weight on the ab machine.  i started out on the ab machine, forgot to stretch first, but it went well anyway.  i started out with 45 lbs of weights and did 100 ab crunches.  Then i decided to try 50 lbs.  that is the most i have ever tried on that machine, since it is the abs doing the work i am still trying to get them in shape.  With 50 lbs of weights i was only able to do an additional 13 ab crunches,  Then i moved onto the throne where i did 45 leg lifts.  They seem to be getting easier to do.  i wish i had done more of the other machines before i hopped on that treadmill.  But i didn’t.  i went on the treadmill and did a little over three miles.  When i was done with the treadmill i was so sweaty that i didn’t go on the other machines.  i went home and had lunch and stalled as much as i could because this is the time of the year for those dreaded taxes,  i hate doing taxes, it is quite the job.  Needless to say i have been at it all night and all i have done is look for receipts.  Now i can’t find my desk!  LOL, it is under all these papers!

i took a few minute to unpack the bag that i forgot to unpack since my special little get together.  i told him i would unpack it the other night, then i got busy and forgot.  Such sweet memories as i was unpacking everything. The handcuffs he had put on my wrist, the ankle cuffs he put on me, blindfold, a few other items.  Sigh….  i  miss him.  Feelings of happiness remembering the time we had together in and out of the room and sadness because he had to leave until next time..  Mixed emotions thinking of the happy memories, but feeling so sad that i am putting all those things away,    i am going to call it a night because tomorrow is another day.  It is time for some needed sleep.  My dreams usually have him in them now.  At least he is here in my dreams until i see him again.

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