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Daily Reflections – Switch for one night?

i have three pairs of boots.  i love my boots.  Three pairs and they are three different styles.  This winter barely got cold, so i didn’t get a chance to wear them.  It was just too hot.  i have my ankle boots.  They go great with my tight jeans.  Whether the legs are boot cut or flare it doesn’t matter, either way they look good.  Then i have my up to the bottom of the knee boot with a thicker high heel.  Those are great for jeans and a cute top, button down or pull over.  Or a longer skirt that gathers and has lace.  The third pair of boots are my black leather, five inch heel, thigh high boots with leather lace going all the way up the back.  Those boots are incredibly sexy and hot.  i love love love those boots.  They make me feel so sexy when i wear them. They go great with my black corset, and short black skirt, or my black corset and a tiny pair of black lace panties, lol.  Now that i am thinking about it, they could look like hooker boots, or Domme boots.  Which gives me an idea Sir.  giggling now.  🙂  How about this:  i know the next time i see you there is some business to take care of for the crime i have committed of pissing you off that one day.  So i know that first night we will be taking care of business.  i am getting that spanking, i know i have that coming and i also know i do deserve it., and i owe you something that will be fourty five minutes or however long you wish as promised, i always keep my promises Sir.  But the next night i would like to do something different.  Can we switch for a night?  How about that second night for the first time i will Domme you?  i will dress in my black leather and heels boots, with oh i don’t know i will surprise you.  Since i will be being the Domme that night i will choose my clothes for a change. Domming you,  i think that sounds like fun.  This is what i see could happen.  i will tell You what to wear.  🙂  i want you to wear a pair of silky boxers, they have to pass the touch test.  They have to feel good to touch.  And i know you hate ties, so i want you to wear a blue silky tie.  It must be blue and it must be silky soft to touch.  Don’t worry, you won’t be wearing it long on your neck, lol.  You will be wearing it though.  i haven’t decided.  On your wrist when i tie you up?  As a blindfold?  So just the boxers and the tie Sir.  i will bring the fun stuff.  rope?  handcuffs (definitely). Maybe some other stuff.   Be prepared to receive a spanking or two.  i will have my way with you.This could be so much fun, i think you will like it. i think i may like it.   i will be the boss, you can take the night off as boss.  🙂  You know i am sitting here with a big smile as i type this.  So what do you say?  Wanna play switch for one night when we see each other on the second night of course?


  1. Nice try!

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