sparkles journal

bdsm, Owned and collared, slave, submission, daily life, and life's reflections


My blog/journal  is about my life as a 24/7 owned and collared slave, daily life and some of life’s reflections.  I was collared  a little over two years ago.  I live with Master, and we are also life partners.   We have a real live in relationship and the Master/slave is the topping on the cake, so to speak.  We have a wonderful,  kinky life,  and we are very happy together.  I enjoy writing about my feelings because it is a good way to get them out, daily issues, that could be kinky or just normal activity and  life’s happenings.  I am involved in the BDSM community and would happily give advice to other slaves or submissives that asks.  We are after all, real people.   If I just happen to not know the answer,  I will find it.


  1. Starshine

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. oceanswater

    We’re all new at something sometime… I’m very new to it, but it seems like it’s the best way to live. I love being my master’s submissive. Good luck with yours.

    • Thank you. Good luck with yours also.

  3. abezure

    If you would like to share anything email me. Nice journal. Sorry to hear of your loss of your Master. To happier days ahead.

    • Thank you, very sweet of you. xx

      • abezure

        Your welcome 🙂

  4. Anytime you want to stop by your welcum….… I have a live chat. Come by sometime…


  5. Coquelicot

    You look very sweet,and I like it. Like you, I am a new submissive, despite the fact that I’m not so young (I turned 50 recently). Like you, 2014 was a fantastic year for me, since I met my Master. How old are you ? Kisses, and best wishes for the new year coming soon,

    • I’m not so young either. i am 55, although i am told by many that i look much younger. Thank you, best wishes for the new year to you also. xo

  6. Coquelicot

    Sorry, when I wrote the msg above, I hadn’t read what happened with your first Master. I hope that it’s only an old story now, that the pain is long gone. I wish you to meet beautiful persons, in all fields, in 2015.
    I am in the same process : I feel that my Master will put an end to our short story (4 months) at the 1rst occasion, but I’m prepared, and decided not to suffer ! Kisses to you

    • My first Master and i even though we are not in a D/s relationship, are good friends now. Time is a great healer, and i am glad i still have him as a friend.

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