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Daily Reflections – Switching Roles?

That was a very interesting couple of links you sent me to tonight Sir.  i couldn’t get past the links without joining and something went wrong somewhere but i will figure that out when i have time tomorrow.  Hmmm, me Domming you Sir?  Oh but this could be so much fun.  i  feel that i can easily slip into this role.  Are you ready?  You might never look back,  My pleasure will be your pleasure sweetheart.   lol.    i just reminded you of your punishment fulfillment a few minutes ago. Check your email sir.   i expect it will be done within a decent time frame.  Don’t keep your Lady waiting too long sweetheart. Sleep well, you will need your rest. As my sub, if that is your wish dear sir, you will have assignments to do.  Don’t worry, i will still keep my promise that i made to you .  You can still give me that spanking i earned and i will still fulfill my promise of what i said i would do for you when i see you that first night again.  Then we will get down to reversing roles.. xo  And if by chance you are not happy being dommed, we can always switch back sir.  i can be very flexible (oooh yes, pun was intended).  🙂 .  Let the fun begin!  xoxoxoxoxo

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