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It’s been a busy summer

Wow, time has flown this summer!  Last fall I began college again.   Master and I were talking  on the sofa one day  last year and he said he thought I should go back to college.  I looked at him and told him that I thought  I was too old to go back to school.  First of all, I wasn’t sure if I could do it again and I was worried I would be older than anyone else.   He asked me what I thought I would like to do.  I thought about it for a little while and decided I might want to be a paralegal.   After  all, after a twenty eight year marriage I did my own divorce without a lawyer or any legal aid.   I  did all the necessary paper work and the filing, and  carried through the process and it went just the way I wanted it. Great  we now had a goal in mind.  The next step was to enroll  at college.  I had to have all of  my transcripts sent from the previous college from so long ago and my high school transcripts.  After jumping through some hoops,  I was in my first class at the college.  I love it!  The law classes are very interesting.  Even if I never get a job as a paralegal, but I’m sure I will, it is a great education.  I  have learned so much this past year.   It also turns out I am not the oldest one there,  in fact there were plenty of students my age and older.  To top it off, I have been on the dean’s list every semester.   Okay,  so now I am bragging, but I think I have earned that right.

This summer, I took three accelerated courses.  Accelerated,  just as much of a workload as a full winter or spring semester in half the time, and I decided to do it online just in case we decided to go somewhere so I would not miss any classes.  OOHHHH, what did I do to myself?  There were days Master came home from work  and he would be in the office with me on his computer and I am on mine.  I  would be talking to him, texting with a friend,  talking on the phone, and yelling at the computer while doing my school work.  lol.  He would say once in a while “are you talking to me or someone else?”  I could see how it could be confusing.  I’d say “Yes I am talking to you and someone else too.”  He has a sense of humor and says that I can speak four languages!  I call it multi-tasking.

Taking three accelerated online  classes is not a good thing.  At least it is not a good thing for me.   I definitely would not recommend it.   There were days I wanted to throw in the towel.   I had to get up and walk away  from the computer because so much information so fast is being thrown all at once.  It was over whelming.  I had teary days.  Alright, actual meltdowns.  Once that happens, the brain seems to stop functioning and is useless for a little while.  But I always came back  and tried even harder.  I couldn’t give up.   So many  test and essays.  Between the law class that I love, the computer class,  and the accounting class, there was such an over abundance of work.  Assignment after assignment, which left no time for anything else.  The hardest class for me was the accounting class.  I thought accounting class would be easy.  I had it in high school and it was simple.  I found out there is a huge difference between high school accounting and college accounting. Everything I believed in was apparently wrong with debits and credits.  I  seldom asked my professor for help,  but my brain just could not grasp debits and credits at first.  I asked her for help and told her I didn’t understand.  Her reply was “You don’t need to understand just do it.  It’s like tying your shoes or learning to speak Spanish.”  REALLY??? I thought “What kind of an answer is that?”  I struggled with it.  I needed to understand why the numbers went where they went.  She said I didn’t.  I know I am smart, but this just wasn’t registering.  A  couple of  weeks later I emailed my professor to ask another question on double declining depreciation.  She told me to find you tube videos, that she doesn’t get paid enough to give lectures.  Clearly,  I was on my own to sink or swim.  Well,  I swam harder than ever.  I watched so many You tube videos on accounting,  some good, some not.  I read the chapter over and over again and did every single assignment and some took hours.  Then near the end she assigned a “class project.”  I was looking to see what group I was in.  I couldn’t find it.   It  was a 137 page assignment on top of all the normal workload that she gave.   I messaged her asking what group I was in.  She said it was to be done individually.  Funny because giving a 137 page assignment call it a class project and do it by yourself doesn’t sound like a class project to me.  It was an enormous amount of work.  I had a lot of problems with it.  I tried to do it numerous times and had to put it down to work on my other classes because  I couldn’t neglect them.  I had a 92%  in that class, and I had a 95.33% on the final exam. but if I didn’t do that project it would have taken me down to a C.  She made that one assignment a good portion of the grade. The assignment that was suppose to work on Word didn’t work.  Her forms did not work, the numbers didn’t fit in the columns.  I tried to adjust the columns and it didn’t work.  It took me a full seventeen hours to complete the assignment.  I had to do it by hand, scan it and hand it in as a PDF file in order to submit it.  I was not happy,  because that project just seemed ridiculous.  But I am glad I did it.  It made all the difference for my final grade.

The transcripts  were in the other day.   I made the Dean’s list again!   I earned every bit of it.  As for the accounting class,  I did learn a lot.  However,   I think I learned more of how to solve problems and issues and how to deal with them.   I  learned that I am a very strong person,  that I don’t give up.  Master says that I am resilient.  He told me he has never seen anyone work as hard as I do.  He is so proud of me.   I also learned that  I never want to take accounting in an accelerated online class again!  It has been a busy summer.   Summer is almost over.  A  week from now my little vacation will  be over and  I will be back in class.  Sitting at a desk in a classroom.  There is more to learn and  I am  ready.

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