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Monthly Archives: May, 2015

Daily Reflections – today’s pics

You know me so well Sir.  You have to admit though i could pull off that domme type outfit with my little whip.  i can;t wait to see the pics you send to me that i asked you for.  Or wait, i think i actually didn’t ask, i demanded, lol.  i swear Sir, i am …

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Daily Reflections – Switching Roles?

That was a very interesting couple of links you sent me to tonight Sir.  i couldn’t get past the links without joining and something went wrong somewhere but i will figure that out when i have time tomorrow.  Hmmm, me Domming you Sir?  Oh but this could be so much fun.  i  feel that i …

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Daily Reflections – Dancing

Last night i was in a belly dance show, and had so much fun.  Today i had a great day participating in a world wide event.  i had two performances with a bunch of other ladies in belly dance.  We had a blast!  It was outside and the weather was perfect.  It went so well. …

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Daily Reflections – Switch for one night?

i have three pairs of boots.  i love my boots.  Three pairs and they are three different styles.  This winter barely got cold, so i didn’t get a chance to wear them.  It was just too hot.  i have my ankle boots.  They go great with my tight jeans.  Whether the legs are boot cut …

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Daily Reflections – i want you

This is the second time this week i have written in my journal a huge paragraph only to delete everything i just said,  Say what i had to say then hit the back button all the way back to erase it all. We are both so busy with work and life in general i miss …

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