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I decided to pick up my journal, I’m back!

I almost deleted this blog a couple of years ago, but  I couldn’t.   So it sat and waited for me to come back to it.  Yesterday at our  munch, I met a woman that said to me, “do  you have a blog?”   I said “no.”   She then proceeded to tell me “but  you use to have a blog.”   I thought how does she know?   It turns out she remembered  my writings and said she use  to read my blog all the time.   She also told me I had quite a fan base.  I had  mixed emotions about this.   First of all, I preferred  to stay anonymous,  because after all, these are  my feelings and my life that I write about.  On the other hand, I was very flattered that someone knew of me and my blog that enjoyed my writings.  I haven’t written in it for about two years.

I use to love write.  It gave me a chance to express my feelings.  I gave it up when I became  Master’s 24/7 live in slave.   Writing is a passion for me.   When she brought the blog to my attention, I realized how much that I truly missed it.    So, Master gave me permission to write in my blog again.  Yay!!!    I had to get  my old email address back and then try to remember the name of my blog.  It didn’t take me long.   I have  deleted about forty five of my writings, but there is still plenty left.  My world  has  changed for the better the last couple of years and life is amazing.   Here I am, ready to write again.


  1. Hello old friend ❤️✨ good to see you again

    • Hello friend, it is great to be back. I have missed it here.

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