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Daily Reflections – Life gets so busy sometimes

I have not had a chance to write in this blog or my business one here in a while.  i have been so busy with my businesses, and my daily life in general.  i have however, taken time out for some friends and also made some new ones.  i have had some first, i didn’t know i had any first left but i guess throughout life there is always a first for something!  🙂  i was invited to my first munch by a friend.  As i walked up the stairs to enter the munch, i reached the top and entered the room and closed the door behind me.  i wasn’t scared, i wasn’t nervous, or apprehensive.  I am so surprised at how comfortable i was walking in there, no turning back for me.  I felt very welcome and the people there were all so very nice. People walked up to me as i walked into the room said hello, shook my hand and welcomed me in.  I felt very at home and at ease.  When it was my turn to introduce myself i stood up and spoke with confidence and ease.  There was even interaction at that time with conversation back and forth while i was still standing, and i was so relaxed.  This all came so natural for me.  i don’t know why. i am usually nervous when entering somewhere meeting new people, but no nerves. The food was delicious, there was interesting conversation.   I was happy to be there.  They are my kind, lol.  Yesterday for the first time i typed in the name in the URL of my laptop and joined.  i don’t know what i am going to do there, but it is a start. i didn’t complete my entire profile, because i am not sure what i am doing.  But, i am there.   Baby steps.


  1. Cinn

    Hey sweetie… I’m there… look me up 🙂

    • Thank you, i will. xo

    • i am trying to figure it out. Not sure what i am doing yet. is it under CinnamonAndSparkles?

      • Cinn


        Think of it like kinky FB

      • lol okay

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