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Life’s special moments:

I woke up in the middle of the night one evening a few days before Master’s birthday, as I lay there listening to him breath I thought of this for his card.  I quietly got up and jotted down notes and went back to bed.  As I climbed back in bed he reached out like …

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I decided to pick up my journal, I’m back!

I almost deleted this blog a couple of years ago, but  I couldn’t.   So it sat and waited for me to come back to it.  Yesterday at our  munch, I met a woman that said to me, “do  you have a blog?”   I said “no.”   She then proceeded to tell me “but …

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He will know me well

We were friends and his conversations were humorous, caring, friendly and warm.   What i did notice is that somewhere between our friendship and my submissiveness to him i noticed how he dominated our conversations.  It was very noticeable.  He is still humorous, caring, friendly and warm but he was  also quick with the questions …

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