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Daily Reflections – i want you

This is the second time this week i have written in my journal a huge paragraph only to delete everything i just said,  Say what i had to say then hit the back button all the way back to erase it all.

We are both so busy with work and life in general

i miss your voice, i miss your kiss, i miss your touch,

i miss your fun flirty ways, your compliments, the way you look at me.

i miss you.

i tried to flirt,  i talked dirty, sent shameful text

i knew you were working, i wanted to put a smile on your face.

i love your smile.

i know you are Master and  i am the submissive, but i want to cuff you to my bed, blindfold you

pull your boxers down with my teeth, then tie you spread eagle,

i want to feel your naked skin against my naked skin,

i want do wild, shameless, very very naughty things to you while you lie there helpless to me.

i want you. i desire you.  i need you. you will need me.

i miss you.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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