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Daily Reflections – Two weeks of fun

i had the best vacation.  i spent two weeks in Las Vegas with a relative that i have not seen in a very long time.  We have made so many memories.  We were able to sit and talk about so many things of the past, present and future.  We compared our childhoods, our marriages, our lives.  The shows she took me to were absolutely amazing.  i had so many new experiences from being on a airplane, getting lost in an airport  🙂 , shows on the Vegas Strip include popular singers, rock bands, the famous Chippendales, beautiful hotel gardens, casinos everywhere and shopping galore.  Of course, i learned how to play Keno, and everywhere we went to eat there was always way more than enough food and drinks.

The weather and scenery in Nevada was absolutely beautiful.  The air was drier and lighter.  So many mountains, no matter which direction i looked in because we were in the valley, therefore surrounded by mountains. i took so many pictures.   Funny how i had to go on vacation and leave a very tropical state to practically the other side of the country to lay out by pool and get a sunburn.   i left here looking pale, and came back with a tan.  It took me to travel 3000 miles to get me out of my office and get a tan.

The relative i went to see was my sister.   i could never thank my sister enough.  She invited me to visit her, stay at her house,  paid for my plane fare to and from, treated me to so many events, fed me, chauffeured me, and introduced me to so many of her friends.  We made up for so many years of lost time.    Before i left she gave me a lesson on how to pack, lol.  i have never had to pack to go anywhere, i took half my closet with me.  🙂  .

This was my first vacation in over three decades and i feel great.  Next time i won’t wait so long to take a break and go on vacation.

My next write will be about the airport security, lol, and the airport i will avoid next time.

20150413_134702 (1) 20150413_134710 (1)20150412_161706 20150412_165322 (1)


  1. abezure

    Looks like Nevada and Arizona. Which close looking to my west Texas home land.

  2. This was Henderson, Nevada. All i ever see here in Florida is flat land, trees, and water. i was really amazed by the desert and mountains. i loved it there.

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