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Daily Reflections

It has been a long day today!  A rainy day too,  i had a slow start, but i made it to the gym early afternoon. and worked out.  i have been trying to increase the weight on the ab machine.  i started out on the ab machine, forgot to stretch first, but it went well anyway.  i started out with 45 lbs of weights and did 100 ab crunches.  Then i decided to try 50 lbs.  that is the most i have ever tried on that machine, since it is the abs doing the work i am still trying to get them in shape.  With 50 lbs of weights i was only able to do an additional 13 ab crunches,  Then i moved onto the throne where i did 45 leg lifts.  They seem to be getting easier to do.  i wish i had done more of the other machines before i hopped on that treadmill.  But i didn’t.  i went on the treadmill and did a little over three miles.  When i was done with the treadmill i was so sweaty that i didn’t go on the other machines.  i went home and had lunch and stalled as much as i could because this is the time of the year for those dreaded taxes,  i hate doing taxes, it is quite the job.  Needless to say i have been at it all night and all i have done is look for receipts.  Now i can’t find my desk!  LOL, it is under all these papers!

i took a few minute to unpack the bag that i forgot to unpack since my special little get together.  i told him i would unpack it the other night, then i got busy and forgot.  Such sweet memories as i was unpacking everything. The handcuffs he had put on my wrist, the ankle cuffs he put on me, blindfold, a few other items.  Sigh….  i  miss him.  Feelings of happiness remembering the time we had together in and out of the room and sadness because he had to leave until next time..  Mixed emotions thinking of the happy memories, but feeling so sad that i am putting all those things away,    i am going to call it a night because tomorrow is another day.  It is time for some needed sleep.  My dreams usually have him in them now.  At least he is here in my dreams until i see him again.

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  1. You can take out the implements periodically to heighten the memories 🙂

    • Yes i could. 🙂 They are great memories.

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