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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

i worked out yesterday, i am just now getting here to log it.  As the final days of my 30 day challenge are here with only a couple of days left i am in my desperate attempts to shape up NOW,  i have come a good ways to improvement, but i fear i still have a long way to go and i really wanted to look my best by Monday,  This was so important to me.  i pulled out the measure tape a couple days ago.  Since i began this challenge i have lost two inches in my hips and about an inch in my waist.  My legs are looking a little better, but still need some work.  My butt is looking better, my abs, well they are better than they were, but i am  still not happy with them,  That C-Section area is a tough one to fix. It has improved but not enough.  Monday was a very important day for me, i wish i could have done better,.i also strained one of my knees on a machine the other day trying to use too much weights.  Therefore i had to be careful working out yesterday.  However, i will still continue on with my daily workout because i know it is working.

Yesterday 3 – 13 15 Workout as follows:

Ab crunch Machine 40 lbs  115 times

Throne 55 times

Leg Press 55 lbs  70 times

Lat pull down 25 lbs  30 times

Treadmill 3.18 miles


  1. Cinn

    Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job 🙂 Concentrate on the positives. You’re doing great.

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