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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

With only four days left of my challenge now i am pleading with my body to cooperate!  i am giving it all i have just hoping to do what i set out to do.  i have been trying so desperately to get this body toned.  i may fall short, but i do think that eventually it will be toned, just not as quick as i had hoped for.  i strained my knee on one of the machines yesterday, so i stayed off all the leg work equipment except the treadmill,

My workout earlier tonight as follows:

Ab crunch machine 40 lbs   100 times

throne (hanging equipment)  40 leg raises

Treadmill  3.76 miles

lat pull down  25 lbs  25 times

then back to the ab crunch machine 35 lbs.  75 times

floor exercises on yoga mat,  numerous crunches, leg lifts, butt lifts, pelvic tilts, 5 inches ( 5 inches is where you lift your head and upper body off the floor about 5 inches and also raise your legs up off the floor keeping them straight about five inches off the floor, also hands are at your sides palms facing down but off the floor, do not support yourself with them.  The only support you have is your bottom that is the only part of you still touching the floor.  it can be as numerous lifts, or one lift lasting ten seconds or more put your head and legs back down and do it again.  this is felt primarily in the lower abs and upper abs.)  i do both continuous and steady.

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