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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

i worked out earlier today.  The gym was much busier than when i usually go.  However, i don’t live in the best neighborhood and it was suggested to me by someone that i try to get to work out earlier than what i have been doing.  It was nice to be home from working out before it got dark outside.  i may try to even go earlier.  Not much time left for this challenge.  This challenge is over on March 15th.  Although the challenge will be over i will continue to work out daily.  i feel great.  i also don’t think i will be quite where i want to be at the end but i have tried so hard.  Eventually, i may reach my goal,  It is not a goal of weight, but more of it is a goal of shape and toning.

Today’s work out:

Seated leg curl 40 lbs  20 times

Leg press 55 lbs.  35 times

Outer thigh  55 lbs  25 times

Inner thigh  40 lbs  25 times

ab crunch  35 lbs 75 times

ab crunch  45 lbs  45 times

Throne 27

Seated Dip 25 lbs  25 times

Lat pull down 25 lbs  25 times


  1. I honestly need to be better at getting to my work outs and remembering to do them each day. Thank you for setting such a good example for us slackers (giggle)

    • You’re very welcome. i would not have done it if i hadn’t made this commitment to myself. i needed to challenge myself so i would do this. It was hard to motivate myself at first, but once i got going, i realized how much better i felt.

  2. You have been super conscientious at this Sparkles. You should be very proud of yourself.

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