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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

Wow, what a day!  As i am just getting to this i look at the time and i can’t believe it is this late already!  I didn’t skip my workout yesterday, i just did it so late and i never was able to write it down,  i also worked out today, Yesterday after my workout routine i stepped on the scale at the gym.  i was curious if i had lost or gained any weight.  So far in this challenge i have not changed my diet, mostly because i eat healthy anyway, there wasn’t really anything to change.  The only thing different is i am working out at the gym daily.  As of yesterday, i have lost four pounds, and i have lost one inch in my waist, and a half inch in my hips.  Not too bad.  i am also gaining some muscle, and the toning is what i wanted the most.  Still hoping with less than a week left of this challenge now, for some tiny miracle.  i have done well, but i still have further to go.  i will see what the rest of this challenge brings, maybe i will get my tiny miracle i have been hoping for.

Yesterday’s work out:

Treadmill 3.50 miles

Ab crunch machine 35 lbs  52 times

throne  25 times

Outer thigh press  45 lbs  20 times

Inner thigh press 35 lbs 20 times

Lat Pulldown 25 lbs  20 times

Seated Dip 25 lbs  30 times

Tonight’s workout as follows:

ab crunch machine  45 lbs  137 times

Throne 40 times

outer thigh press 45 lbs 20 times

outer thigh press 55 lbs 10 times

Inner thigh press 35 lbs 20 times

Inner thigh press  45 lbs.  10 times

Leg press 55 lbs  50 times

Leg extension  40 lbs  25 times

Seated leg curl 25 lbs 30 times

Lat pull down 25 lbs  25  times

Seated dip 25 lbs  20 times

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