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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

i have been so busy and trying to keep up.  Yesterday i worked out very late and by the time i got home my eyes were so heavy i just wanted a hot bath and some sleep.  It is a good thing i keep track of this in my phone,  Today i worked out too.  i almost didn’t today because i over did it yesterday, but now if i don’t go i feel guilty, because i know i need it.  I am seeing improvement.  Some changes and i am so glad to see them happening.  i have been sore in the obliques since last night, so sensitive i can hardly touch them, the exercises are really working my muscles hard.

Yesterday’s workout:


Treadmill 3.27 miles

Ab Crunch Machine 35 lbs,  50 times

Ab Crunch Machine 40 lbs  30 times

Seated Leg Curl  40 lbs  30 times

Leg extension 40 lbs  30 times

Leg Press  55 lbs   25 times

Leg Press 85 lbs  10 times

Outer thigh Press  50 lbs 20 times

Inner Thigh Press  40 lbs  20 times

Lat Pull down 25 lbs  25 times

Seated Row  25 lbs  30 times

Chest Press 25 lbs.  20 times

Seated Dip  25 lbs  20 times

Tonight’s Work out

on hour belly dance

Ab crunch 35 lbs 114

throne 26 times

Treadmill 3.26 miles

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