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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

i began this thirty day challenge about two weeks ago.  i am beginning to see the outer results happening, and i like it.  Although, i still feel i have a long way to go to have the results that i am looking for, i see some muscle toning  in my upper stomach beginning to form that i have not seen in years.  My lower abs are still not where i want them but i noticed the skin is a little firmer, and my abs themselves are harder.  Where the doctors did that horrible job of stapling me back together after my C- section,  (they should have never left me like that), there is some improvement, but i want that flattened out with the rest of me.  It may take some time, but i have the determination and i am highly motivated more than ever to fix it, and i do see some improvement. Much better than it was actually, it may be unrealistic, but i am hoping to have that gone by mid March, fourteen days from now.  i am working so hard at it. i am giving it all i have and then some.  My upper thighs and calves are toning up too.  My buttocks still need a little firming, but they seem to be coming along with for the ride with the rest of my body on their own.  lol.  Must be all the leg press work and the treadmill with the hills that i climb.  i had a late start to the gym tonight but i made it around 11 pm.  i was tired from my day so i needed to convince myself i had to go,  My convincing took me standing in front of a mirror, exposing and examining  my stomach, abs, and butt.  Hmmm, how will i look fourteen days from now?  Okay i am convinced, so to the gym i went.

My workout as follows:

Abdominal Crunch Machine  35 lbs  100 times

Throne (hanging ab work)  45 times (much better than the two leg lifts  i began with the first time i tried to use this, equipment, i have come a good way)  🙂

Inner thigh press 40 lbs   20 times

Outer thigh press 50 lbs 20 times

Leg Press 55 lbs 40 times

Leg Press 70 lbs 20 times

Leg press 85 lbs  20 times

Leg press 100 lbs 10 times ( i just had to see if i could do 85 then 100, and i could)

Lat Pull Down  25 lbs  25 times

Seated Dip 25 lbs 25 times

Back to the Abdominal crunch machine 35 lbs  75 times

Seated leg curl 40 lbs  30 times

Now i am wishing i would have taken before and after pictures to compare after thirty days.

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