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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

This morning i had two dance classes to get to.  It was raining when i went outside and while i was driving it got heavier and heavier.  i pulled up at the dance studio and it was just coming down with no let up insight so i decided to go inside.  i thought about running from the car to the door but why bother, either way i was getting soaked.  by the time i got inside the building i was dripping wet, it looked like i swam there!  i did my two dance classes, belly dance and hot hula dance.  A rough work out.  then i left and went to my house and into my office where i worked the rest of the day.  Until almost 8:30 pm.  i was getting sleepy but i knew i had to get to the gym.  i thought i would just work out on the equipment tonight and stay off the treadmill because i was tired.  But i walked in the gym door and saw the treadmills and my brain says “ooohhh treadmills, nobody is on any of them i have my pick!”  and of course i hop on a treadmill. lol.  Not only did i hop on that treadmill but i did the aerobics plus program for an hour and i did 4.25 miles on it. i didn’t think i would make it to the four mile mark i seemed to be having difficulty with this program for such a long stretch but i had my ear buds in and listening to music on my phone and when i thought i could not go on one of my favorite songs came on

Even though it felt like i couldn’t go on with only 15 minutes left, it was getting harder  and harder to keep going.  But listening to this song seemed to comfort me .  My heart rate that was kind of high started to drop and went down to 105 and i was able to finish my four miles plus a little extra.   Then to the abdominal crunch machine because i am really trying to get my abs in better shape,  i was exhausted from the treadmill and by now my body was screaming at me.  ONLY 89 abdominal crunches with 35 llbs of weights.  Tomorrow is another day.


  1. I like the movie in that video 🙂

    • The movie Sucker Punch. Looks like a really good movie, i have yet to see it though.

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