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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

Worked all day at my desk.  i still had much more work to do but it was getting late already night time.  i had to get to the gym.  i arrived late around 9 pm.  The good thing about that is there were only about seven people in the entire gym including myself.  i typed in all my information on my phone as i went along to keep track.  Already tired from working all day but i had to do it.

Treadmill  Aerobics Plus, (seems to be the hardest one so far)   2.21 miles  not as much as i wanted, but i had to save time, i had more work to do when i got finished working out.

Seated Dip Chest and triceps workout 25 lbs weights 15 times

Chest Press 25 lbs weights  12 times  ( i worry about this one, i don’t want to lose anything valuable that i want to keep, hehehehe)

Abdominal Crunch 35 lbs weight 80 times

Throne (the hanging machine)  35 times

Leg Press 55 lbs weights  seat in ;position 2 #  30 times

Inner Thigh  40 lbs weights 30 times

Outer Thigh 50 lbs weights 30 times

Back to the Ab Crunch Machine again  35 lbs weights 60 more times

Then i made the mistake of stepping on the scale and i wanted to cry.  i gained three pounds back.. i was so upset.  i have been working so hard. How can this happen?    No more carbs.  Thinking logically, the last time i weighed myself it was in the morning and this was about 10 :45 at night, so that might be accountable but it was still a shock to see i had three more pounds on the scale.  i hope it is muscle and the difference of time of day.  i am getting on that scale in the morning.  Then i can cry.


  1. One imprtand thing to remember when working out: muscle weighs more than fat so if you’re still losing inches you’re still on track. As you workout your weight may go up a little, it’s totally normal, don’t be discouraged! You’re doing a great job!

  2. It was a shock to see the numbers go up instead of down, and i was quite upset, but that is true. i do have a little more muscle tone now than i did. Thank you for the encouragement..

  3. It most definitely is the time of day

    • Yes, you are right. i think there is something like a four or five pound difference from the beginning of a day to the end of the day.

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