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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

A rough one today but i did it.  This challenge is not an easy one.  At least, not for me anyway.

i decided to type the information in my phone as i worked out today,

Burlesque one hour

Shimmy class (kind of like belly dance boot camp!) one hour

ab crunch machine 65

Ab lift ( leg lift thing i found out people call it the Throne, that is the one you hang on and lift your legs  30

Leg Press  55 lbs weights 40 times

outer thighs press 50 lbs   25 times

inner thighs press 40 lbs  20 times

Leg Extension for upper front thigh 40 lbs weights  20 times

Seated leg curl for back of thighs and calves 25 lbs weights 15 times, then 40 lbs weights 25 times

Back to the Ab crunch machine again  30 lbs weights 60 times

After the strenuous shimmy class i just could not run on the treadmill tonight.

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