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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

It has been a week since i started my challenge.  i have made it everyday to the gym except for one.  That’s not bad.  I went again tonight after belly dancing for two hours.  Since i did the two hours of belly dance, i didn’t go on the treadmill.  i did the abdominal work and my arms tonight. This time i pushed myself a little further on my abdomen and my arms. Normally i do one hundred abdominal crunches, however, tonight i did one hundred and twenty with thirty-five pounds of weights.   Also i have been doing twenty abdominal leg lifts on the other machine and i did thirty.  i did extra on my arms too.   Looking back at my week i can summarize that i have run fifteen miles on the treadmill, six hundred and twenty abdominal crunches, one hundred and thirty abdominal leg lifts, and i don’t know how much arm work , and leg press machines i did so much on them all.  After my first week of this challenge, i see no difference in the mirror yet.  It is kind of discouraging but i know this is going to take time.  i am going to keep going after my challenge is over, however, i am really hoping that by mid March, when i look in the mirror, i will see some difference.


  1. Congratulations. This is so good to hear!

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