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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

i woke up this morning and i thought it was Saturday, emailed someone and told him to have a great Saturday!  i was quickly corrected was i not aware that today is Friday, oops, giggles, more giggles.  Okay so it is only Friday, still giggling on that one, lol.  And that is how the rest of my day went too,  i am so glad this day is coming to an end  🙂  but i am smiling.  All in good humor.

i worked all day, but didn’t seem to get anywhere, i don’t know why.  This was just one of those days.

i went to the gym tonight and worked out.  That went very well.  i did the treadmill i set it at Aerobics plus.  i like to do different workouts on the treadmill every time.  It keeps me from being bored.  After the treadmill i moved on to the abdominal machines, leg work and arms.  i had a very good work out.

Now i think i will turn on my DVR and watch the rest of Happy Feet 2 that i started watching earlier today.  It sounds like a good way to end my day.

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