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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me

On Wednesday, Feb. 18, i made it to the gym again!  i haven’t done four miles on the treadmill since i had the flu.  Lately i have only been doing two miles or a little more. Tonight i did a three and a quarter miles on the treadmill.  So i am working my way back up to four.  After the treadmill i worked out on the abdominal machine that crunches are done on with weights.  Normally i can do 100 of these all at once.  Tonight after doing three and a quarter miles i seem to have difficulty with the ab crunches, stopping at about every ten crunches for about 30 seconds in between.  i don’t know why it was so hard to do.  Eventually i did do my 100 but it took me a little while to get there.  Then i moved on to another machine.  I don’t know the name of it.  You stand up and rest your arms on the padding and hold the handles and let yourself hang, and lift both of your legs up together and then lower them back to resting position, repeat.  i do it two ways.  i did ten with my legs straight out and ten with lifting them bending at the knees. When i first started working i could only do two.  Now i am up to twenty.  This all takes time to build up the strength, but there is progress.

20150218_210040  20150218_210141 20150218_21020620150218_210053


  1. Very impressive!

  2. Thank you!

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