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Daily Reflections – 30 Days to a Better Me Day

i began this journey to work out every day for thirty days on February 14.  Today is February 18.  Seems much longer!  lol.  So far i missed one day due to work and that was a couple of days ago.  i am determined though.  Today i took time away from my office to go with someone to lunch, then to see Fifty Shades of Grey.  i had a very nice day, a great lunch and a great movie.  The movie was just as the book was.  i enjoyed both.  After the movie we went and had our nails done.  It was so nice to take most of a day off, i am working now.  i had a couple of drinks, one at lunch and one at the movie.  I wasn’t driving.  However, i still wanted to get to the gym.  So i waited a few hours and i still made it to the gym at 9 pm.  The point is i still went.  i did a couple of miles on the treadmill and worked the machines.  i noticed i can run longer than i use to be able to , and i can add more weight on the machines than i use to be able to handle.  Also, i do feel good.  i have not stepped on the scale which is hard to to because i walk right by it.  i stay away from it first of all because getting on the scale too often can lead to discouragement.  Even though there may be toning going on muscle weighs more than fat, and i don’t think those numbers count, i am only a size four anyway.  i just want to tone up.  As long as i am still fitting in my size four clothes no need to get on that scale.  Looking in the mirror though, everything still looks the same.  I am still waiting for some kind of difference.  i am wondering how long it is going to take to actually see the difference.


  1. Good that you still managed to go to the gym after your “fun” day. Excellent! But don’t expect any changes in your appearance for several weeks.

  2. This is very true. It could take a while to show a difference, but i am determined. i really want this.

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