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Daily Reflections – 30 days to a better me

Life has become extremely busy for me and i have not had time to write in my journal.  However, i have challenged myself to something and i am going to keep track of it here in my journal.  i have always considered myself healthy,  I eat healthy and i exercise on a fairly regular routine.  I belly dance several times a week.  I have been going to the gym, maybe 3 times a week.  After all the exercise i do, i would think i would be in better shape.  Years ago, i had to have an emergency C-section.  I asked if i could have a bikini cut and they said yes.  Which they did. It was in a learning hospital.   In the process, they cut through nerves and did a horrible job stapling me back together.  I had no feeling in my abdomen for at least 4 years.  Every day for all these years i have looked at my abdomen and i have never accepted the way it was left.   i have done numerous sit ups, and exercise and no results.  i know a tummy tuck would do the trick but it has always been out of my means.  Insurance does not cover that.   When i first started belly dancing they would say  “remember suck in your abs”.  Mine wouldn’t move, lol.  I tried and tried but nothing.   Now that i have been belly dancing for a little over a year and i have been using the machines at the gym for a few months,  i finally have some abdominal muscles, and i can suck in those abs and i actually can see some improvement.  However, not as much as i would like to though.  This is my challenge.  30 days to a better me.  Since i do see some improvement it gives me incentive to work harder and maybe just maybe i can tone those abs to where i will accept them.  i am going to go to the gym every single day for 30 days and use the ab machines and the other machines and the treadmill and keep track of my results.  After 30 days straight of going to the gym and being truly dedicated to this challenge, i think the results will be very positive.  Let the challenge begin.


  1. oceanswater

    congrats! Let the challenge begin. I’m in my own challenge, started a Juice fast Feb 1 and going through March 3rd. I’m a full two weeks in. And 13 lbs. down. Yes I keep in shape too, I exercise a lot. Good luck to you young lady 🙂

  2. Good luck! Make it an important part of your day, even beyond the 30 days

    • Thank you! i am trying to do this everyday.

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