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Daily Reflections

Posted on January 21, 2015 by sexybdsmwear
Happy Humpday! It is time to post the humpday question of the day. As i was thinking about today’s question i thought about a post i wrote yesterday on hair pulling. So i think today’s question will be of a couple of limits:

1) Hair pulling – During sex your dominant partner grabs your hair and pulls it back, what kind of limit is this for you , or is it a limit at all?

a) Hard limit

b)soft limit – i was going to say no limit, but i will make it a soft limit, only due to where he grabs the hair.  i have long hair and if he grabs very close to the scalp i am good with that,  Something about getting the hair pulled by your dominant during sex is so passionate that it gives nonintoxicating wild rush!  So yes please,  maybe that should be no limit.

c)no limit?

2) Spanking – You have disobeyed your dominant and you are about to get a good spanking! There may be tears involved. What kind of limit if any do you have?

a) Hard limit

b)Soft limit

c) No limit – i have no limit on spanking as long as a belt is not used.  i prefer a hand or a paddle.   Being spanked by a dom is very erotic.

You can copy the questions to your blog, answer them. Please leave a comment below on this Q and A blog post, that way we can all find each others responses. Please also link from your website.

i am a little late with this response but i will respond anyway!  lol

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