sparkles journal

bdsm, Owned and collared, slave, submission, daily life, and life's reflections

Daily Reflections

i keep telling myself i am going to get to bed earlier.  Well i am, earlier toward morning.  i seemed to have gotten mixed up somewhere.  i go to bed wide awake between 4 and 5 am and hope i get to sleep.  Then i  wake up around 9 or 10 am.  i get dressed, grab my coffee and head right into the office.  The office is where i spend most of my life lately.  I love my work so that is a big plus, but i only come out for meals or if really necessary. Then around 8 pm i get that second wind.  The way you should feel in the middle of the day, wide awake and fully alert, and i am like that the rest of the night.  It seems that season for one of my shops has already hit.  There is no end to my work, which is actually great.  The other shop is not doing as well which really surprises me due to its content.  I would think i would be extremely busy with it.  I did stop advertising back in the end of July because i just wasn’t happy with it.  When i stopped advertising the sales stopped too.  So i must advertise, since it is an online store and not a brick and mortar building i guess it would be hard for people to know i was here.   Although, i can not give out specifics of exactly what it is or the name of it because i am trying to remain anonymous because this is the one place i can be myself and write what ever i want without being judged by family members or anyone else who thinks they know me.  Very few people really know me for who i am.   This is  my safe place.  I am thinking about starting a blog for my other store to help it out, however many difficulties there.  First, the time issue.  i need more hours in a day.  Even if i managed to set a time for it a few days a week for just a short time, unlike here, i just don’t even know where to begin.  This has to be given a lot of thought.

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