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Daily Reflections – the Performance

The performance was yesterday.  Now i can look back and say “Hey I did it!”.   It was a good turn out.  I tried to talk myself out of being nervous.  To look right at them yet pretend they weren’t really there.  Impossible!  We walked out on the stage floor and began our dance.  I smiled and it was a real smile, because when i looked at someone directly in the audience they were looking a me smiling right back.  It helped.  Not too mention, he was cute!  I was going through the routine and it felt good, until the girl next to me messed up and giggled.  That made me giggle and oops that is when i messed up.  i still laugh when i think about it.  I just picked up the routine again and went on.  The applause was great.  We all walked off the stage floor and high fived each other, excited and happy, all smiles.  I watched the video of it that was taken.  You couldn’t tell any of us were nervous.  Everyone just looked so happy.   It was fun.  I can hardly wait til the next show!


  1. Well done!

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