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Daily Reflections

Another very busy day today.  It seems all my days are busy lately.  Need to sleep still have so much work to do but i think it is going to have to wait.  Tomorrow is another day.  It is almost 2 am.  I had to stop working in the middle of my day to go to rehearsal for a dance show that i am in this weekend.  It is going to be great!!!   I am so excited, i have this hula dance down!  i bought this really cute skirt for it but i was told it was too short!  Oh no!  i will have someone recording it in the audience, i wish i could share it here but i can’t.  i better get some sleep.  i don’t want to look tired.



2014-09-05-01-34-29 (1)

Maybe it is a tad short.


  1. abezure

    I don’t think it’s too short. Yet the pic isn’t showing real well. It covers just enough to make folks druel over you. If you like that sort of thing

    • lol! Well, i didn’t think it was too short. After all you do want their attention when you are dancing in front of them. Why not make them druel? When you dance you want to “own it” , do it with attitude You know look at them in the eyes and give them the look of “i know you want it,”: i don’t want them walking off to the bathroom or talking when i am performing.

      • abezure

        Nope catch all the attention you can

      • LOL! Hey what would all that practice be for if we didn’t? It is going to be so much fun!!!! I am excited!

      • abezure

        Thats great. Have agood time there teasing the folks watching.

      • 😀 It will be fun!

  2. It looks great!

    • Thank you!

      • You are most welcome

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