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Daily Reflections

It is after 2 am and i am still not finished with my orders for the shop.  Looks like they will have to wait until morning because i have had a very long day.  Taking time out for almost two whole days to party has really set me behind in my shop.  I have had to work extra hard today to make up for it,  but it was so worth it.  I can’t wait to do it again!  lol.  These will be done and out in tomorrow’s mail if i have to drive them to the post office myself, and chances are that is exactly what will happen and that is alright with me.  i truly do have so many things to be grateful for.

i am so grateful for my friends.  They are great.  Friends add so much to a persons life.  They have helped to make a difference in my life.

i am grateful that i still have my first Master as a friend.  He has always been there, even after the D/S  relationship ended months ago.   i appreciate his friendship, advice,  his moral support and encouragement.  There have been  many days that  he has been my life preserver in the stormy sea of life.

i am grateful for music.  Music is so important to me.   When i begin my work day, the first thing i do after i click onto my website is turn on that music the earphones go on and work proceeds.

i am grateful for my family.  Even though they may drive  me crazy at times, and they do, they mean well.  i love them.

i am grateful that i have had the opportunity to  take that leap of faith and be self employed.   There is so much satisfaction of the independence of running your own business.  It does take a lot of effort and many hours of hard work and determination.   It isn’t easy but it is worth it.

i need to check my emails and get some sleep.  The morning begins another day.  i look forward to a new day of taking my path to success.


  1. Tabitha

    What kind of shop do you have? I would like to help support you if you have something I can use or want.. 🙂

    • i actually have two. i know the items in it would be loved here, especially by doms and subs but i can’t reveal it due to my remaining anonymous for my blog. This is my safe place where i can be myself with my thoughts and words.
      i thought about writing a blog for one of the shops here on wordpress, i think it would do very well here, but i have been so busy and i just haven’t figured out what to say or how to get started with it.

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