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Daily Reflections

i am so tired!  It is a good tired!  I just had two days of solid partying.  It is a birthday i won’t forget. LOL.  You put a bunch of dancers together and WOW what a party.  Too many jello shots and lots of alcohol and food and so much dancing.  We made pasties and of course we had to try them out!  We danced all night then slept for a few hours got up had yoga, went to breakfast and then continued until tonight.   i had to come home because i have so many orders coming in for one of my shops that i have to get out by tomorrow.  Otherwise i would still be partying, lol.   No crying for me on this birthday just all smiles and happiness.  It was fantastic!  Now back to work, with a smile on my face.  🙂


  1. Oceanswater

    Happy birthday young lady, so happy you had a great time!

    • Thank you! I did have a great time! i will always remember this birthday! It was very memorable. 🙂 xxo

  2. Happy birthday! So glad you had a great time

    • Thank you! It was fantastic! 🙂 xx

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