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bdsm, Owned and collared, slave, submission, daily life, and life's reflections

Daily Reflections

It is such a nice day today.  i work so much and my plans today were to wake up get dressed and start working.   I woke up early even though i went to bed around 4:30 am.   i was up at 8:30 am today.  i got dressed, grabbed my coffee.  Did some work on my twitter account, checked my stats in both my stores.   Emails check.  Then i had errands i had to run that were unavoidable.  In the midst of running my errands lunch time came and it was getting late and hunger set in.  So a little after two i decided to stop and have lunch.  i wasn’t alone and i wasn’t driving.  So with my lunch, since i didn’t have to drive,  i decided this would be a nice time to have an afternoon cocktail.   Why not?  i had a very nice lunch and with it i had the most amazingly refreshing  margarita.  It was a blueberry pineapple margarita and it had blueberries in it that are soaked in the Tequila for two days.  It was so smooth and so yummy.  A treat.  Then i finished all my errands and i am back in my office now.  Refreshed and relaxed (lol) and time to work.  It’s nice to be able to do that once in a while.  It broke up my day a little for me.

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