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Daily Reflections of a Slave

Today has been such a long day. i sprained my ankle last night. So i have been stuck sitting here with my foot up, Occasionally icing my foot on and off. i have so much to do and sitting here feels like such a waste of time. i have an onstage performance in a week, i am suppose to be practicing my dance routine. But no, here i sit. This is so frustrating.


  1. oceanswater

    I know how that feels, I sprained my once playing volley ball. I actually twisted it and then fell on it… it’s a good thing it didn’t get broken. Just a really bad sprain. Anyway, sorry to hear that about you. But you’d better take it easy.

    • i have such bad timing. i was walking in a dark living room and i didn’t see my dog on the floor sleeping and fell face first over her very hard and fast. In the process somehow my foot got caught under her and twisted as i fell. My foot and ankle got the worse of it. i just hope i can get my dance routine down before Friday. i can’t practice now so i am going to hope it heals fast and cram all my practice in a short amount of time. i have been sitting with my foot up all day, so unlike me. i haven’t done a thing today. Thank you.

      • oceanswater

        I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but I don’t think it will be… 😦 But for your sake I hope it is… OUCH!

      • it has to get better fast. i have worked so hard at this, and i don’t want to miss this. Performance isn’t til Friday. That is a whole week. The five inch heels might be a tad rough now. If not healed by then, i might have to grit my teeth, smile and bear it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      • oceanswater

        rest, ice, elevation

  2. And patience!

    • i know, i so do lack patience. i am sitting here now with my feet up. i feel like i should be cleaning, or doing laundry or anything but sitting here. It is feeling better today compared to yesterday, It has til noon tomorrow to be better for full dress rehearsal for the show. If it still hurts i will just come home and put ice on it and rest it again.

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