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Daily Reflections of a slave

Another day has come and gone.  It has been a busy day with so much to do this day flew by,.  i am wishing it is already August.  i went shopping and bought a lot of food today.  I’m so glad i stopped when i did or i wouldn’t have had anywhere to put it all.  My cabinets and refrigerator were bare because i kept putting it off.  Once i got down to pretty much nothing i had no choice but to go to the store.   That is not a problem now.  Tomorrow looks like another busy day already.  i am so grateful i have so much to do that i keep busy all of the time.  i think i will call it a day and go to bed early.  

What i am grateful for today:

i am very grateful for my family, even if they do drive me crazy

i am grateful that there is plenty of food to eat

i am grateful for the beautiful weather we have had, i love the sunshine

i am grateful that no matter how busy i have been my dogs still love me unconditionally .

i am so very grateful for my friends. What would i do without them?

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