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This post from rougedmeount stated what i could not find the words for!  It is perfect. Thank you for letting me reblog.  i kept this under private since November, but i decided to go ahead and put it with the rest of the post that i have.


Masturbation frustrates me as it makes me long for so much more

I love how swollen my vulva becomes, how wet

Sometimes I use fingers alone to delight myself

One hand circling my sweet and sensitive clitoris

Dipping deep along my slit to gather the dripping juices

To make the movements effortless and delicious

The other hand tracing a path up over my stomach

To cup a heavy breast to pinch and pull an eager nipple

Other times I include one of my vibrating toys

Preferring and needing the intense arousal of electricity

When a man uses a toy on me, my preference is for a dildo

His presence is the electric intensity instead

And the use of a vibrator plus his presence becomes too much

My need for sexual release overcomes my derision of masturbation

But it makes me want so much more

It makes me want inches and…

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