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To Sir, with Love

i loved this great post, named To Sir, with Love by bruisedbelly. Thank you for allowing me to reblog.

The Migraine Chronicles


A gift
from me to you
and tell me
what will you do

what will you do
with little ‘ol me
(asking shy and innocently)

will you
bury your face into my hair
breathe deep
and kiss me there

will you
unwrap me slow
or fast
how long
do you want this to last

will you
kiss me hard
and bite my lip
lower your hands
to rub my clit

until I’m wet
and begging for you
then I wonder
what will you do

will you
hold my hands above head
as you grind me
into the bed

will you
be gentle
rough with me
bringing us
to ecstasy

will you
spank me
if I beg for more

what will you do
when I am yours

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  1. Great post!


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