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A submissive’s Daily Reflections TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday: May 6, 2014

Today’s TMI Tuesday was inspired by Dominic Wilcox Variations on Normal and from questions submitted by Virtual Sin. Both men are brilliantly creative.

How creative are you?


1. Have you ever had an idea for an invention that you thought would be commercially viable? Care to share a brief synopsis, photo or sketch?  No i haven’t.

2. Visual arts: Do you do any painting or drawing? Are you a photographer? Sculptor? Ceramist/potter? Silversmith or other? Share one of your favorite works with us, post a photo.  I do a little photography. Some of the things i do for hobbies.  But my hobby is also my self employment.  i wanted to post a photo but worried someone will recognize my work and know who i am.  i have been contacted by people i don’t even know to let me know that some of my photos were stolen and used as someone’s own.  I asked how they knew it was mine and they said they recognized my work.  i was amazed.

a. Do you write fiction? Poetry? Share with us by linking to your work.  Any poetry i have written in the past year is here in my journal.
b. Do you make up plots, even if you never write them down?  No


4. Do you write music? Do you sing or play a musical instrument? An audio clip would be nice 🙂   


i have played musical instruments in the past but have not had the time to play in a while.  I use to play the guitar, the organ and the keyboard.  i have made up little tunes in the past but never wrote them down.


5. Do you write computer programs? What do you like most about that?  No

a. Do you have a hobby that involves making something? Examples might be woodworking, baking, sewing, etc.  i love to make jewelry and i like to sew.  I also like to garden.
b. What is the last thing you made?  i just finished making a bracelet for someone.



Bonus: What is it? How would you use it? Write a caption.  Hmmmm, this picture is interesting. i have a dirty imagination.  LOL i am going to guess that this is cucumbers assembled together to either one:   Learn how to do filatio to term it nicely, or to use to see what size vibrator you would like to have.  LOL.  Not sure, that was just my guess.  giggles.

Erotic cucumber

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