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A submissive’s Daily Reflections

i was very nervous about getting a tattoo.  My daughter came and picked me up so we could go and get the matching tattoos today.  i almost backed out.  i have to say it was very painful!  i knew i had to sit through it even though it hurt i couldn’t leave with a partial tattoo.  i don’t think i would ever get another one.  They said the reason it hurt is because of where i wanted it.  The inside of my left foot.  That is the side your heart is on and apparently more nerve endings, equals more pain.  When we entered i thought it was on the cool side. The air conditioning was at a comfortable temperature.  After getting in the chair my palms started sweating because i was scared.  Then once he started and i felt the pain, i don’t ever recall sweating so much.  My bra and shirt was wet, my shorts, i tried holding my daughters hand and talking with her it didn’t help.  Then i was texting with a friend who was trying to help keep my mind off of it.  i could barely hang onto my phone  He even tried naughty texting to help but i couldn’t take my mind off the pain. i tried to pay more attention to the text instead but i felt it all,  When i stood up i was so embarrassed, i was sweating so much the entire seat and back of seat from the top to bottom was covered in sweat!  Yuck! LOL!  But i made it.

Sorry due to remain anonymous i had to delete this part with the picture and the other comments i made after it.  i became curious and  i typed in vixen’s journal in google and it brought me right here!  That picture could have identified me.  i will more careful in the future.  i never thought i would be right at the top for google when i wasn’t even trying.


  1. Cinnamon ( Formerly Phoenixasubbie )

    Maybe he likes a little bit of wild sparkle 🙂

    • He is wondering. Lately i keep him guessing he never knows what i am up to next. LOL! xx

      • Cinnamon ( Formerly Phoenixasubbie )

        That’s a great thing. xxx

      • 🙂 xx

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