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A submissive’s Daily Reflecions

Happy Friday!  Woohoo!  It is undecided if i will catch up at all today.  Between the household stuff to do and the orders i have to make for my customers,  i think i am leaning towards unfinished before this day is over. Orders first then house stuff.   No slowing down today, well maybe i am just a tiny bit to take just a short break to write in my journal.  

It has been a week since i got my belly button pierced and it looks great.  It seems to be healing nicely.  My daughter really wants to get the matching tattoos.  She has a lot already, she is in her early 20’s.  Her body seems to be her journal.  This will be my very first one.  We have gone around and around on this one to come to an agreement because i have never been a tattoo kind of person but this will be more of a bonding ritual.  Something that we both do together that will be with the both of us the rest of our lives.  We both have put a lot of thought into this and she finally came up with a perfect idea, creating something that seems logical enough for me to put on my body.  Something that makes sense for both us because we are both survivors.  We have both been through very difficult times in our lives and always manage to make it through whatever life throws our way and we always land on our feet.  We will each have the same tattoo on one of our feet. This is something that involves more pain.  Therefore, i am a bit nervous and i think i will watch her get hers done first, lol, then i will have mine right after by the same artist.   i am nervous,  i hope it doesn’t hurt too much and i can sit through it.  i was nervous and scared last week when i had my belly button pierced and that hurt, but i really like how it looks.  So i am glad i did it.  i hope i like the tattoo too.  Sunday is the day!  Wish me luck!   i am going to need it.  i will post a picture of it, i think.  Although, since it is original and it could give away my anonymity if someone who knows me saw it,  i am not sure.  i will think this one through.  i would like to be able to post one.   Oh decisions decisions.


  1. Cinnamon ( Formerly Phoenixasubbie )

    I love that you are going through growth here. Tattoo is on my list of to do things too at some point….not sure what.
    Can’t wait to see 🙂 xx

    • i am excited and nervous. i hope it turns out like we plan. This was a hard decision. Tomorrow is the day! xx

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