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A submissive’s Daily Reflections

i can’t believe how exhausted i am.  i have had a very full day.  i did it.  And yes it did hurt.  Only for a moment, just enough for me to give a yelp and i did curl my toes.  Then it was done.  That was around a few hours ago and it hurts more now.  odd. Oh what did i do?  Image

i got my belly button pierced!  i came so close to chickening out.  In fact a few minutes before i left my nerves had taken all they could so to calm them i had a few shots of Kinky, which is flavored vodka.  Then i was on my way, i had a driver. We were going to record it so i could put it here but they would not allow it. They wouldn’t allow any pictures during it either.  But they did allow it immediately after and that is why it looks red.  After we went to the bowling allley where we drank and shot pool.  

Hubby called three times  Once when i was just in the process of getting my belly button pierced; declined that call,  Once when i was paying for it; declined that call, lol.  Then again when i got home which i answered.  He asked where i had been.  I thought fast, should i say something?  Well after a few drinks everything seems easier so i said i was out.. He wanted to know where.  Quietly i replied  “Getting my belly button pierced”.  His reply “oh whatever makes you happy, was that before or after you started drinking?  Did she put you up to it?”  i said “nope i thought this one up all on my own.”   i never said i was drinking. LOL.  Oh well, the secret is out and for something he was so against he doesn’t seem to mind.  i just never know anymore.  Or maybe he is just getting use to me doing  crazy things.  i need sleep.  Being bad is exhausting.


  1. ItMatterstoGrey


  2. oceanswater

    I had mine done and it think it was a week before my hubby noticed. Also uneventful. But my body rejected it and I finally had it removed. I loved it. Please enjoy!

    • So sad. That is terrible that #1 your hubby didn’t notice for a week, Sometimes you actually have to point these things out, mine never notices anything usually, and #2 your body rejected it? Two is worse than one, after doing that. I’m sorry. it took me a long time to work up the nerve for this, i hope mine stays. Today it doesn’t hurt (the next morning) but it looks like it does. i think it is bruised on the point of entry. xx

      • oceanswater

        I swear he just saw my tattoo that I had put in my bikini area in December. I guess it was the close proximity of the cruise ship that caused him to notice… smh.

        I have talked to a lot of girls who’s bodies rejected the belly button piercing. But then I also see a lot of women with them. I really wanted it bad.. 😦

      • My daughter wants to get matching mother daughter tattoos for mother’s day. i have never had one. It seems like i am doing all these “firsts” lately. i told her it would have to be small and dainty and some place where i could hide it.
        i am really sorry about your piercing, i wonder if it was the particular metal they used. Maybe there is an alternative metal? Maybe you were just allergic to the steel, if that is what they used. Did you try anything else? i don’t even know what the options are for this. i hope mine doesn’t reject it, i really love it. xx

      • oceanswater

        I think matching tats with your daughter is a great idea. I know what you mean by having it someplace that is not seen by others. I know that I have a professional job and can’t have tattoos all over my body.

        re: the piercing, I know that I am allergic to nickle which is in most cheaper metals. So I actually purchased a 14k gold one for my belly button. So, I just gave up on the belly button… 🙂

  3. Cinnamon ( Formerly Phoenixasubbie )

    YAY Sparkles!!! I’m so doing mine if I get to goal weight 🙂

    • i can’t believe i didn’t chicken out, it was just one very quick pinch. You should do it. I love it! Make it your reward! xx

      • Cinnamon ( Formerly Phoenixasubbie )

        I had my breaats and labia done last year.. 🙂
        I think I will 🙂

      • Now that sounds painful! It feels much better today, it doesn’t hurt at all if fact i don’t even feel it. You should get your belly button done! Do it! xx

    • oceanswater

      Not “if” Cinnamon, When… 🙂

      • Cinnamon ( Formerly Phoenixasubbie )

        xxxx Thank you 🙂

      • oceanswater

        You are welcome. We need to think positive for positive to come to us. 🙂

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