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A submissive’s Daily Reflections

Did you ever know of something that your spouse or significant other was opposed to you doing,  but you did it anyway?  Bwahaahaahaa.  I do feel a bratty moment coming on.  Friday late afternoon. Tomorrow or i guess that is actually later today.   Yep.  I know he is against this but yet when he goes to work…i am doing this.  I even have someone to go with me to hold my hand.  When i told her what i wanted to do,  she was so excited she could hardly wait. She told me she knew i was going to do this eventually but she didn’t know when.  She expected this of me, she is getting to know who i am.  My wild side has been coming out more and more these days.    Why am i doing it?  First of all i have thought about it for a while and i think it would be pretty cool. It seems to be the norm these days for so many girls.  By the way, this is not a tattoo.    i am not really doing it to piss him off, but i want to do this and if i said anything at all about it the words coming out of his mouth would be “No Way, you are not doing that, and don’t think about it.”  So, i just won’t say anything, that is all.  Don’t know if i will be able to get it on video or not.  i am excited and scared and feeling a tad wild.  Nobody can control me right now.  i have actually had male friends tell me i need a spanking!   i am without Master. Nobody to stop me, nobody to punish me for my actions.  My spouse, he will just yell at me for a few days, and say “you should have asked”,  no interesting punishments.  Nothing that a Master would do.   This is what happens when a submissive is left without a Master. i really miss Sir being Master.   Not that there is anything wrong with what i am going to do tomorrow.  i don’t think there is anything wrong with it at all,  but the spouse is completely against this. Therefore, me doing this against what he would say i guess is bad behavior, i know it and i don’t care!    i don’t know why he is against it:   he shouldn’t be.  To be continued….


  1. Intriguing!

  2. Cinnamon ( Formerly Phoenixasubbie )

    can’t wait to see it… if it is not a tattoo I am going to guess piercing…:)

  3. Perhaps botox?

    • NOOOOOOoooo. i would never put poison in me! LOL

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