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A submissive’s Daily Reflections: Done with taxes!

This morning i woke up refreshed and happy. I slept well.  It was only a five hour sleep but a good deep sound sleep.   What a weight that has been lifted off of me!  No longer having to work on my taxes. i can breath a sigh of relief.  Last night i worked on my taxes for hours again and finally finished and filed in the wee hours of the morning.  I just wanted to finish that task.  Such a frustrating and tiring experience.  Taxes are one of those things i can’t stand doing.  All those questions!  All the numbers. The anxiety building as i watch that number on the left side of the computer screen go up and down, then back up, then down.  Do i owe?  Will i get a refund?  I just hope i don’t owe, i would be thrilled to just break even, but a refund would be a nice added plus for doing all of this paperwork, as i am putting in all the information that Uncle Sam wants to know.   i would make a horrible CPA.   The dreadful yearly chore that i never look forward to even if i have a refund coming because it can be so time consuming on my end.  At last, sometime around 4 am i found that i finished with a reward of a nice return coming back to me.  It was finished before the deadline!  Happy dance!   i hope i did it right.  i did the best i could.   i thought i was going to be finishing at the last second, or have to file for an extension.  What a big relief!   Now i can concentrate on running my two businesses.  Yay!  Looks like i better start by cleaning my office.  I don’t know what happened in here.  

I am so grateful that i was able to finish my taxes!

i am grateful that i could sleep well.

i am grateful that i can concentrate on my business at hand now.

i am grateful for the beautiful spring weather we are having.

i am grateful that Sir is still a part of my life even if he is a friend and not Master. 

i am grateful for my family and friends.

  • i am grateful for everything that i have.  Everything.

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