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A submissive’s Daily Reflections: Doing Taxes, ugh!

Every year at this time it is always the same.  Where are the papers for this?  Where are the papers for that?  Every year i say i will be ready next year.  2013 started out so organized for me.  Running the businesses i started out copying and filing every receipt, every bill, everything i thought i would need to do my taxes.  i set up special notebooks with pretty colorful inserts.  i was doing so well, until around June.  One of my businesses started kicking in full swing and it was “i will file this later”  hmmmm what happened to later?  It seems i have been so busy later never happened.  Now the dreadful chore of the taxes.  I can’t stand it!  After today i will have eight days left.  i think i am about half way through this nightmare.  i have come to a point where i had to sign out because i have to start doing totals for my busiest business and even though i have put everything together now i have failed to total everything up.  So glad i am not a CPA, i think i would tell everyone to take their taxes somewhere else!    What a job. i can picture me now, standing in line at the last minute waiting to scan my letter in to the IRS.    i have a headache from all of it so i am taking the rest of the night off, which is very unusual for me because i am such a workaholic.  

i am going to take a moment now and reflect on my day.  What i am grateful for:

i am grateful for Calculators!  Hurray!  i could see me adding all this with a pencil and paper, yikes, so Yay for calculators!!! woohoo!!!

i am grateful for Chinese take out.  i probably wouldn’t have eaten today without take out, no time for anything between working and doing taxes.  Come to think of it that is all i ate today at lunch, i forgot to eat dinner!  Guess i will be grateful for leftovers with the movie later. lol

i am grateful for technology, even though i seem to have a love hate relationship with it.  Yesterday my computer crashed on me and i had to call for help to get it going, then this morning i couldn’t get it to print postage with a package sitting there ready to go just waiting for a shipping label.  Which brings me to the next thing i am grateful for is

an extra computer in the house!  Yay!  When my computer wouldn’t print the postage after an hour of fighting with it i realized i could just use another computer, even though i had to put the software in to connect it to a printer which by the way was another twenty minutes or so, but i got my postage and was able to give the package to the carrier,  so there is the love hate relationship with technology!  

i am grateful for Netflix, because i think i will put on some comfy pj’s and find a good movie on Netflix to get my mind off of these taxes. i am so grateful i have reached the end of this day.  i will try again tomorrow.  After all it is another day.


hmmmm, and now i can’t get a preview of this for some reason.  So i am going to publish it anyway and hope it looks alright.




  1. I am grateful for tax extensions when I need them! I own 2 businesses and feel your pain…

    • I have two businesses too. I had three up until recently, but it was just way too much for me so i gave up one, i still have the taxes to do on it though. Hopefully i will get it done on time, i might end up asking for an extension. What kind of fines come with that?

      • No fines or penalties as long as you get the extension in on time


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