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bdsm, Owned and collared, slave, submission, daily life, and life's reflections

A submissive’s Daily Reflections

Tonight i am not in a good mood. i am even having a problem putting my thoughts here.  Nothing specific, well at least nothing i want to talk about.  i would just prefer to keep it bottled up until it goes away. Life can be hard sometimes and hard to deal with.  i just feel angry and depressed. i will try to reflect on my day now and see what if anything i can and should be grateful for, there must be something because no matter what there should always be something to be grateful for.   i don’t even know if i can find five things tonight.  

1)  Today i am grateful that after two days of no sales i finally had some tonight and i have them ready to ship in the morning.

2)  Today i am grateful that i can sit in my clean organized office. 

3)  Today i am grateful that i am healthy.

4)  Today i am just grateful this day is over and hope tomorrow is better.

5) i am grateful that tomorrow i will have the chance to try at this thing we call life again.


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