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Putting my Time to Use

Feeling much better today than yesterday i came into my office to check all my stats on the businesses.  What, second day of no sales so far?  Well, not to worry.  February is the shortest month of the year but has been extremely busy for me as far as business goes.  I have reached a milestone that i wondered if it would ever happen and has.  For this i am very grateful.  So i won’t be greedy.  My sales this month have been absolutely fantastic. i could sit here and pout over no sales since yesterday or use my time wisely.  Remember the report cards from school with the little comment sections?  You know the section with those questions of one particular one that reads “Does the student use time wisely?”  That one.  i don’t know if they still have that.  Anyway, i use to always count on my A there.  That was always an easy A for me.  Therefore, today when i saw i have no sales yet there were a few things i could do with my time.  I could sit there in front of my computer and pout.  i could promote a couple of things to see if i could get something moving in sales, so i did that.  Then as i looked around my office for a moment i thought about how i have been so busy but wishing i had time to clean and organize my office.  This was my opportunity to clean and organize.  I have been wanting to do this for a while but i have been working anywhere from 14 to 18 hours a day seven days a week, and haven’t had a chance.  Wow, i found things i thought i lost!  LOL!  My office is organized now all that is left to do is vacuum my wood floor. i will do that in a few minutes after i am done with my journal.  i needed a small break.   It’s great.  i love being organized.  i think when i am done vacuuming i will exercise, and clean the rest of the house.  Let the cleaning OCD begin!  Oh well, i have had a five minute break, time to vacuum!




  1. phoenixasubbie

    What do you sell? Curious minds..

    • Phoenix i would love to tell you! i want to but unfortunately, Master says i am not allowed because of the anonymous thing here. That would definitely give away my anonymity. I asked him before about telling someone what i do and he said i would have to delete my account here if i did. I don’t want to make Master unhappy so i can’t say. i am so sorry. xx

      • phoenixasubbie

        Oh sweetie, no worries. I was just curious and always looking for more adult sites to visit 🙂

        Your Master is smart to protect you. I meant no harm of course, but somebody undoubtedly would..

        Don’t worry one second over me and this 🙂 xxxxx

      • Yes he is protecting me. i know you meant no harm. Thanks for understanding phoenix. xx

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