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A submissive’s Daily Reflections

Have you ever had one of those days that from the time you got up out of bed, then throughout the entire day until it was almost bed time again that everything went wrong?  That is how my day went today.  From the moment i woke up with a headache, then my phone wasn’t working and yes i did pay my bill two days earlier than i needed to.   Somehow, something went wrong and they turned my phone off.  So i go to get on the internet and guess what?  The internet wasn’t working either.  And that was a different company!  So here i am with a headache, no phone and no internet to fix the phone.  i was panicking. i run my businesses from that phone!   I figured out the internet problem, we had to turn the main electric off yesterday to work on a problem at the house.  So it must have happened then.  Turned off the computer.  Turned it back on and that was solved.  Yay!  Realized i had to use the live chat in order to fix the phone problem,. because at first i thought i would get the number from the internet and call them.  So here i was looking for the number and dial it on what?  Technology, i am so use to having it at my fingertips when it is gone it is a major panic mode.  Okay so someone let me use his phone and he even dialed the number because i was so upset i couldn’t see straight.  After 15 minutes and two different people i finally had my phone on.  Had lunch delivered, mine was put together wrong.  Went to the store for toilet paper, they were sold out of the kind i buy.  i had to buy a different brand, i hate switching toilet paper brands.  For the first time in days and days i had no sales in my shop today.   Went out for dinner because i was exhausted and didn’t feel like cooking. i wasn’t really very hungry but i figured i should eat something since i fed half of my lunch to my dogs, i didn’t like it, they enjoyed it.   i ordered soup and salad,  Simple right?  They were out of soup!  Salad it is.  I came home and placed an ad on facebook for my store, facebook rejected my ad!  They said it was vulgar.  WTF!  So i set the age limit from 18 to 21.  I saw nothing wrong with what i posted.  There wasn’t anything at all wrong with it.  Must have been a prude working on the ad site!  Then they finally agreed to post it but said it would only show to 20 people.  I deleted it, i am not paying for that.   I am tired.  i am going to bed.  i hope tomorrow is better.  i still have a headache. i know i usually list five things that i am grateful for in my day.  This one is going to be difficult, i am really going to have to dig for this.  Here it goes;  Five things i am grateful for today:

1) i am grateful that i didn’t kill anyone.  Everyone is doing just fine.

2)  i am grateful that i was able to get back on the internet.

3)  i am grateful that my phone is turned back on.

4)  i am grateful that Monday will be here soon.  Master i miss you.

5)  i am grateful that this day is over.

Such as it is, but these are the things i am grateful for today.  Now see, there is always something to be grateful for, no matter what.  When i think about it, there is always someone out there that has it worse than me.  These were all problems with solutions.  Sometimes when i am panicking it is not easy to find solutions and it feels like the end of the world.  I am grateful they could all be fixed.  With a little more sleep, maybe the head ache will finally go away too.

This photo is just for fun!



  1. phoenixasubbie

    Hugs. Tomorrow will be better. xx 🙂

    • Thank you Phoenix. i hope so. xx

      • phoenixasubbie

        That’s the great thing about being down. It has to go up 🙂

      • Very true!

  2. Sometimes just allowing others to live is an accomplishment in itself. lol have i missed it somewhere along the way? What is your business? Curious.

    • i think allowing people to live yesterday was a great accomplishment! LOL. i would love to state what my business is, but Master says i am not allowed because i am to remain anonymous, and saying what i do, i would no longer be anonymous. Sorry.

      • Very true, didn’t think of that. No worries!

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