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A submissive’s Daily Reflections

Yesterday i talked about cancer and how it didn’t care who it chose.  Just a few short days ago we lost a close relative to cancer.  Today mid morning, we lost the second family member to cancer.  This has been a sad few days for the family.  I hear death comes in threes.  That is two.  Makes me wonder who the third one will be.  In January 2010, i lost my mother and within less than two weeks two more close people, my brother in law and a very close patient of mine had passed.  It was a very cold winter and i felt surrounded by death.  Here it is January, a cold winter again and two people within three days of our family are gone forever.  i will always remember them.


  1. phoenixasubbie

    I’ve lost a lot of family to cancer. It’s a terrible thing to go through.
    My Daddy smokes. I hate it. I told him that all I can think of is his dying of cancer.

    I hope we find a cure in our lifetime.


    • Maybe someday there will be a cure. Cancer is a horrible thing. You can get it from second hand smoke too. There are many forms of cancer though. Anyone can get it. It would be nice if they came up with a cancer immunization shot. Like they do for childhood diseases.
      Thank you Phoenix for the hugs.

  2. Best of luck. You have all my love and support. Know that after bad days, good days follow..
    Dont allow your mind to dwell too much within darkness, as it’ll only make you more blind.
    Keep a cool head, straight view and tall posture.
    You’ll be fine in time, dear.. Just allow time to cure..

    • At a time like this you start to ask yourself a lot of questions. Thank you for your kind words. i appreciate them.

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