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A submissive’s Daily Reflections – Cancer Isn’t Choosy

It has been a sad week here.  There has been one death in the family two days ago and another expected to go at any moment.  Cancer doesn’t care if you are young, old, rich, or poor.  It doesn’t care if you have family members that care about you and love you and want you to stay.  Cancer isn’t choosy.  A close relative of mine died two days ago.  Cancer,  She found out she had a not that long ago.  She tried to fight it.  She did everything she was suppose to do.  i really thought she had it beat.  She was doing a little better and her hair had started to grow back.  i regret not visiting her two weeks ago, when i had the chance, but i was working and didn’t get to it. She was in town for a test.   i was sure she would recover and be fine.  i was wrong. Nobody expected her to go like that.   She was in her forties.  Too young to die.  She left behind a loving family, children, husband, and many relatives that love her.  She was such a kind, caring, loving person.  We will all miss her very much.  Monday would have been her birthday.  If that isn’t bad enough, another relative of mine is about to die at any moment.  He lies breathing his last breaths in a hospital bed at his home.  Cancer.  He did everything he could but it looks like he lost the battle.  It is just a matter of some hours, maybe.  It doesn’t matter that he has a wife, a family.  A very depressing time here.  i am hoping that one day they will have a cure for cancer, so that when people get it, they can take medicine and get better,  Without poisoning their bodies to do it.  Will there ever be a cure?  i am guessing, yes there will be, however, there is a lot of money to be made from cancer patients.  All the money they have spent on research, machines, chemotherapy.  i don’t think they will be willing to just give up all that equipment and besides how will they make the money they are making now if they cure cancer?  It’s not like when they found cures for other diseases like polio, or childhood diseases.  This is a whole other ball game.

Anyway, i will reflect on my day, and through all of the sadness i will find five things i am grateful for:

1) Today i am grateful that one of my relatives no longer has to deal with the pain of cancer or the sickness and is at peace.  i am sad that  she is gone, but at least her grief of fighting cancer is done.

2)  Today i am grateful that they have been able to make the other relative who is about to die as comfortable as possible, at least he is not in serious pain right now, at least i think so, he is no longer speaking.

3)Today i am grateful for the members in my family that are still here.

4) Today i am very grateful that i am healthy.  Having your health is more important than anything else in the world.  I think it is the most valuable thing to have,. Without your health, what do you have?

5)  Today i am grateful that i have been blessed with another day, that i could wake up this morning put my feet on the floor and be grateful that i am alive and well.Image


  1. I am sorry for the family member you lost and the one you are about to loose.
    They are/ will be at peace.
    May their journey be short, May they appear in the after life in full health in their prime, May they be greeted by love ones past and may they be bathed in a love so pure it can not be known here on Earth. xoxo

    • Thank you for the kind words. They will be missed. xx

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