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Dear Master, (the plight of the Christmas Flamingo!)

Master here is my recap on today for you.  This morning i woke up still sick, i had a job to go to. i cancelled out on her last week because i was drowning in orders.   i didn’t want to go but i was expected so i got up, ironed my clothes took a shower to help revive me a little.  After i was all dressed and hair done i had a quick bite to eat then headed out first to the store to pick up supplies for my shop then to my job.  i was cleaning and making their house beautiful for Christmas and i went to the living room to clean.  They had this Christmas flamingo in the living room, and i just wanted to move it so i could vacuum the floor because i saw dog hair and pine needles.  i went to move it and it started to fall so i  grabbed  it and the body came off the legs!  So quickly i tried to put it back together and i couldn’t.  So here i am thinking oh no i broke their flamingo i tried for a few minutes and realized i better say something.  So a quiet “ummm, i think i need some help here”.  She came out and there i was holding the flamingo with its legs on the floor.  She came over to help put it back together and when i went to hand it to her, the body fell and i was left holding the flamingo’s head and the lights were dangling off of it!  All this time i was trying not to laugh but when the body fell and i was left holding the head i lost it!  An awkward moment but i couldn’t stop laughing.  i laughed so hard i had tears in my eyes.  She was laughing too and she finally put it back together with not much help from me! lol!  Then when she got it together its head was at an angle and i said “look its staring at me!”  We both lost it!  But it was!  Almost as if it were saying “you beheaded me!”  i did manage to finish cleaning, and along with my pay for cleaning today they gave me a nice Christmas bonus!  A humorous day for cleaning.

After i came home i made dinner, nothing special, just penne pasta with alfredo and vegetables, cheesecake for dessert.  Then i had a visit with Promise.  That was nice.  i had to make a metal tag for a necklace and use the drill press to make a hole to hang it from, stamp it, stamp some stainless washers.  Wrapped presents.  Now back in the office to complete orders.  A very busy day!

i hope you are enjoying your family and having a nice time.  It must beautiful there at this time of year!  Stay warm Sir.  Kisses and hugs sent your way!  XXXOO

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